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winre.wim file missing - need help restoring


New member
I'm currently fighting a problem related to Windows Update and the update named 0x80070643. While doing research on this problem, I discovered that winre is not only disabled, but the winre.wim file is missing.

Is there a straight-forward way to to rebuild/restore this file? I do not have the Windows ISO file (I was running Win10 for years and upgraded to Win10 Pro about a year ago through an online process). And, the only other computer I have access to is running just Windows 10. Here's output from a few commands showing that file is missing:

C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /info

Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration


Windows RE status: Disabled

Windows RE location:

Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: 27db7897-6d09-11ed-9a93-2y234867ac9e

Recovery image location:

Recovery image index: 0

Custom image location:

Custom image index: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.

C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /enable

REAGENTC.EXE: The Windows RE image was not found.


New member
Unfortunately, the other PC does not run Windows 10 Pro. It's just Windows 10. So, is there another workaround? This most likely happened while I was attempting to extend the WinRE partition to resolve an issue I'm currently experiencing with Windows Update.